Who We Are?

The Govt of Canada has established ICCRC to safeguard the interests of prospective Immigrants like You and protect You from ‘ghost consultants’ or ‘unlicensed consultants’.

All Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) are registered with ICCRC.

Novus Immigration Services offers legal services in all areas of Canadian Immigration. Our firm was originally founded in Surrey, BC, Canada as Novus Canada Immigration in 2015 and after restructuring and expanding over the years, we have quickly become one of the most reputed immigration consultancy firms in Canada and in India with a strong global clientele.

Unnikrishnan K.A, RCIC (B.A LLB, IMCD)


Mr. Unnikrishnan is an expert legal professional with almost a decade of contribution to both Canadian and Indian legal systems.

He holds a degree in law from Bangalore University and holds a professional Canadian Immigration Consultancy Diploma from Ashton College in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He was called to the Bar Council of India in 2010 and enrolled an ‘Advocate’, after which he extensively practiced Criminal Law in India. He now specializes in Canadian Immigration laws and provides consultancy services to clients from all over the world from our Corporate Head office in Surrey, BC, Canada. He is registered with ICCRC as a ‘Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant’ and specializes in assisting clients in applying for permanent residence in Canada, all types of temporary residence visas, Family sponsorship, Refugees applications, Appeals etc.


Canadian Immigration lawyer – Bar Council of British Columbia, Canada (Ex RCIC – R514381)

Ms Anu is a Canadian immigration lawyer enrolled actively with the Bar Council of BC, Canada. She also has years of experience as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant ( R 514381) providing top quality and highly reliable services in the field of Canadian Immigration law. She provides counselling to the junior RCICs and assists with legal matters when required. It is a privilege to have someone of such high calibre and expertise on our Advisory board who provides guidance and timely support when required.

She is a law graduate who sought to specialize in Indian Corporate laws and Due Diligence & Compliance laws by associating with ICSI and working with a reputed Company Secretarial firm in India, before joining a Canadian Immigration firm in Surrey, BC, Canada. After several years in the field of Canadian Immigration law, helping clients in applying for their choice of permanent and temporary residence applications in Canada, she now specializes in assisting clients in re-applying for refused cases and pursuing appeals for sponsorship applications, etc.

Navika Sharma

Manager, RCIC – R706514

Navika Sharma is an experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who has extensive experience in Express Entry and Temporary Foreign Worker Programs. She is Canadian citizen with roots in Punjab from where she has completed Masters in Business Administration. She handles our global clientele who are a part of the Express Entry and other temporary programs such as visitor visa, work visa, super visa and study permits. She is a thorough professional who believes in delivering exceptional value to her clientele. She is also an equipped human resource manager who leads the processing team at Novus.