*The terms Novus, Firm, Agency, Enterprise refer to NOVUS IMMIGRATION SERVICES PVT LTD.

*The term client, customer, party refers to the Individual who has signed up with our firm retaining our services for a fee charged upon them.

1. Services attained are time-bound:

  • Amongst the services provided by Novus, there are certain services like Express- Entry and PNP submissions which have a defined time span post which it automatically becomes inactive. These are usually on-line applications and the platform is designed in such a way that a profile can be active for a period of one year only. Therefore, when you are availing such a service kindly note that these timelines apply to the services rendered by the firm and their representatives. However, we are a customer centric enterprise and completely understand the fact that few of our clients might not have readily available IELTS & ECA which are mandatory for making their profile active in the pool. Hence, we provide a window of 60 calendar days from the date when the retainer agreement was signed by the client for submission of these documents.
  • Kindly note that the one-year time period will start from the 61st day irrespective of whether the client has submitted the documents or not.
  • If in case of unavoidable situation or circumstances, the client would have to inform the firm prior and take permission in written so that they are given a levy of few more days.
  • If the client already has the mandatory documents or receives it before the 60-day time period, the time of submission would be considered as the start of the 1-year period.
  • If the client has been offered a part payment, the 60-day window period starts from the time of the initial payment. The break up in the fee has only been granted to facilitate the client’s request and it is expected that the client makes the second instalment at the earliest. The final submission will be only done post the full payment.

2. Retention of services:

To retain the firm’s services for the next year, the client would have to pay the relevant additional charges.

3. Refund:

Once the retainer agreement is signed, you could request for a refund within 15 working days. No request for refund would be considered for any purpose beyond this point. The firm would credit only 75% of the principal amount, 25% would be deducted as agency charges. If the client faces any issues/grievances which is attributed to the negligence or erroneous error committed by the RCIC, due procedures will be applicable and the necessary steps to safeguard the rights of the customer shall be made by the firm.

4. Guarantee/Promise/ Assurances:

We understand your concerns of “deriving value for the money spent”! Hence we categorically mention the simple fact that you are paying the firm for the legal and representation services it provides for you. Novus is not a part of any government body (embassy, visa application centres,). We are a Private entity and do not hold the authority to grant you a visa of any kind. Please note that the final decision on all visa applications rests with the relevant government department in the respective country. We do not guarantee you a positive result on your application as the Regulatory body that governs this profession ICCRC – mentions the same as one of the RCIC’s code of ethics. Hence, there is no refund in case of a rejection (eg-TRV application).

5. Third- Party / Government fee:

Expenditure incurred by the client for third party services such as IELTS, ECA, Government application fees are not included in our service charges and should be borne by the client.

6. Unexpected Government decisions effecting the current programs:

Changes in immigration rules is unpredictable and solely depends on a nation’s ruling political party. If an unforeseen change affects the current program eligibility or prospects, Novus is not responsible for any refund in case of a program becoming void. Though this is very unlikely, the possibility cannot be ruled out.

7. Exceptional circumstances requiring intervention of an authorised tribunal:

Both parties to this agreement mutually agreed to refer all disputes arising out of this contract to the arbitrator. The provisions of arbitration and conciliation Act 1996 as amended by the government will apply for the adjudication of the disputes arising out of either party. Disputes with respect to the terms of this agreement shall be decided by a court of competent jurisdiction within the territory i.e. the jurisdiction of courts of Bangalore, Karnataka.

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